Let me introduce my first ever game, GRODY - An Ultra Skull Adventure, a frustration platformer made with love. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Move:LEFT and RIGHT arrows
Jump:UP arrow (x2 for double jump)
Jump on walls:Hold UP + Press direction against wall when in the air
Slide down wall:Hold direction towards wall
Return to Level Select:ESC
Quick death:R
Save state (in Level Select only):S
Load state (in Level Select only):L

GRODY, the character, is a lovable little Ultra Skull. He's a special kind of skull - the kind that doesn't give up! Unfortunately this means that he dies a lot. Luckily, he is a skull and is indeed already dead, so what harm can it really do?

The game is rough around the edges and is not a full, complete game. However, I am very proud of my first attempt at a game and believe that there is enough game in this little love letter of mine to make it available for people to try out. It just requires someone who doesn't give up!


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I see I've had some views. I just want to thank anyone who takes a look at Grody! It means a lot, even though the majority of people won't really enjoy it or even get very far (it's not just hard, it's also rough around the edges).